Sunday, April 1, 2012

Knife Drawer

OK so we all know I suck at blogging.  So there's no before picture.  And my after picture isn't great.  But you get the idea.  For the before, picture a drawer with knives randomly thrown in there, fearing getting dinged and/or a finger getting cut.  It always bothered me to put my fancy expensive Wustof knife in the drawer so it usually sat on the counter on my cutting board.

I'd been thinking about getting a slab of wood and cutting grooves in it for the knives so that they would stand vertically, ie a custom homemade drawer knife block.  But obviously that would require effort and like so many other things, I hadn't gotten around to doing it.

I saw this and realized what I needed to do. This is a much simpler solution and can adjust to whatever knives are in the drawer at the time.  No figuring out which one goes where.  No figuring out how to get all these cuts into a piece of wood.

Krista used cork but I had a stack of foam sheets that has been steadily growing with no particular use in mind.  I cut them into lots of about 8"x3" sheets.  Stacked them up, stuck them in the drawer and stuck the knives in.  It took all of 15 minutes to do.  And really that's just because I cut them to the wrong size the first time and had to recut them.  You want the length to be the length of the blade of your longest knife.  There is a small section of the knife where the blade meets the handle that tends not to want to go into the foam.

I could actually see this being done with cardboard and looking pretty cool.  You would probably get the sizes more consistent with cardboard.  Or if you are less spazzy than me.  We'll call it 'artisan'.  Cue the hate mail from people who actually do artisan crafts that don't look like a 5 year old made it.  But hey, at least my knife drawer is finally getting some order.