Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm rather excited. I bought a few plants to attempt to grow my own. First I started with some herbs that just didn't work out. I tried to start from seeds and they never really sprouted. Next I had a rosemary bush that K gave me. I used a few sprigs of it but it slowly has turned brown and tree like and the leaves fell off.... I'm not quite ready to call it dead yet although I can't really say that it's thriving.

Anyway, so spring comes along and they have stuff in the gardening section at Walmart and Lowes that I walk by every time I go in the store. So one day I decided to try this again. I like to buy plants in the rain. Don't ask me why. But the only time I decide to go look at the plants they have outside it is really rainy out.

So I got some chives, parsley and basil. The other thing that I was kinda scared of was a tomato plant. I stood there in the rain and pondered and thought about it and wavered a whole bunch. In the end I decided it was $5 so at worst I'd lose $5 and I bought it. I used the same logic and bought a blueberry bush a couple weeks later except that was $10.

Well these are doing better than my first attempt. Tomatoes suddenly appeared on the plant. I don't know where they came from. I was watering it every day and suddenly one day I looked and there were tomatoes growing on there. I had chosen a Sweet 100 plant figuring hopefully I'll get lots of tomatoes. Well I'm not quite sure what I got but I don't think it is a sweet100. The tomatoes are about 2 inches in diameter right now, which is bigger than sweet 100's should get ever. And this is only about a week after they showed up. So this should be interesting. I just hope I got a real bright sweet type, whatever it is.

Anyone know what I got? The tomatoes are currently about 1 1/2" across.

Is it sad that I finally got the motivation to find my card reader and hold the stupid thing while copying the pictures for this rather than any of the posts I've done in the last few weeks? Also, I've finally put the rest of my pics in some of my old posts.

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The Irreverent Cook said...

OMG, I'm so excited for you after I read your post too! I've been through the exact same process of trying to grow things, and to date none have been successful. I've killed so many mint plants I probably filled mint heaven all by myself =S Whatever those tomatoes are, they are gorgeous and so precious =D