Saturday, January 19, 2008


So our next restaurant week choice was Filomena. Someone clearly needs to take some photography lessons but we won't point fingers here. We are clearly amateur food porn artists here. Don't really care enough to rotate the picture either.

Filomena is a much more casual restaurant than some of our other choices. We started with the bruscetta and Aranchini. The bruscetta was alright though nothing really all that amazing. The Aranchini is fried risotto balls stuffed with cheese and a bit of ground meat and served with a marinara sauce on the side. They were quite tasty though very rich. I actually gave up one of them so I would have room for the rest of the meal. Good thing I did.

For the entree we got the Salmon with mustard sauce and Cavatelli. The cavatelli was uber tasty. It was freshly made upstairs and served with a pink sauce, spinach mushrooms and roma tomatoes. The pasta was a little bigger than I would have made them. I would make them bite size whereas I cut each pasta piece in two for a more proper bite size. The pasta pieces were real thick, which gave them a nice chewiness and the sauce was tasty. I can't say the spinach, tomatoes or mushrooms did a lot but the pasta was tasty and that was the real point of the dish. They also gave you a ton of pasta. Like literally. There was still about half of it left when I quit. The salmon was alright but I wouldn't say amazing. They cooked the salmon fully, which was a little surprising and the mustard sauce was very mild. I was told the veggies were tasty though I didn't try them. I was busy with my pasta. mmm it was good.

Then dessert was a strawberry mousse cake and a chocolate mousse cake. I liked the strawberry one better because it was nice and bright after a huge appetizer and entree it seemed lighter and therefore I could keep going. But they were both tasty. They had a bunch of really pretty desserts in the dessert case in front too. mmmmm. The strawberry one had a raspberry sauce on the side and the chocolate one had a white chocolate and raspberry sauce that they made all decorative and such.

Service was decent. Nothing to complain of.

They have put some thought into the bathroom although a few things just didn't seem to go together. Like they had decorative flower painting type things on the door into the bathroom, on the stall doors and in the stalls. They were marked Ladies and Gentlemen. They had florescent overhead lights but they were in the sink area. They had really dark wood stalls and since there was no light in them you were practically going to the bathroom in the dark. The toilet seat was very utilitarian... one that you would find in a public rest room with an auto flush thing and those Scott 1000 sheets per roll toilet paper. They had decent sinks that had pumps on the side for soap but when I hit the pump what came out looked and felt like water. No sign of soap that I could find. That is a bit upsetting. They had a paper towel dispenser like the ones at work, functional but nothing special. Their bathroom was functional, a few attempts at making it nice but nothing amazing.

Their prices on their regular menu are not that high, $10-15 for an entree so for Restaurant week it maybe wasn't the best deal but it was a good meal.

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