Monday, March 3, 2008


I am slowly but surely converting over to apple. First there was my macbook. Now I got my airport extreme. It was a little weird setting up because I am still not really used to the installation methods of apple and there is on that is all I know. But I am excited. I am finally wireless, the whole reason I got a laptop. Gmail chat does not seem to be connecting though. Everything else seems to be working so far as browsing the internet, iChat is connected though I am not really interested in talking to anyone at this point in time. It seems plenty fast to pull up pages and download stuff. Woohoo! Next I will have to hook up my printer to it and make sure that works fine. Then it will be an iPhone. Then hopefully the stock will go up and I can buy more apple gear.

Uh oh.... when I went to post this I seem to have disconnected. I went in to try to see what was wrong (like I'd figure it out, hah but I tried anyway) and it reconnected while I was on my network diagnostics thingy. This sounds like trouble..... We shall see... Maybe I was too quick to call it good.....

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