Sunday, August 31, 2008

DB and BB

I know, I've missed all the recent challenges. I'll have plenty of stuff to try later to catch up. Which I will do. After I get settled. And get a house. And unwind. Well, making all this stuff will probably be part of the unwinding.

Right now all I have to cook is my toaster oven, microwave, electric kettle and electric wok. My prep is done at a bathroom sink. I probably won't make the September ones either. I haven't really found a grocery store I'm happy with yet. But I haven't really looked because I've been busy and had other stuff to worry about. I have gone to the Lenoir Farmers market, which was OK but rather small.

Today I went to the Charlotte farmer's market. That was rather impressive. It was big with lots of farms each having their own stands. As you walked by the cantaloupes you could smell them. Same with the peaches. I bought more stuff than I should have since I just have one of those tiny cube fridges that is already almost full. If I had been thinking I would have taken a pic with my new cell phone that has a camera but I'm not that smart. One day I'll do some more exploring of Charlotte. And I'll get a GPS. And a lot of other things. But not today.

Anyway, I'll catch up eventually.

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