Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garden Update

This is my garden. This is what it looked like when I came back after a few days out of town. The plants are doing well. Even the weeds are doing well. I guess I should probably do something about that.

Here's the whole plot. Well almost the whole plot.
The lettuces were pretty much a failure. I harvested a couple leaves and now they have all bolted.
The sunflowers have really taken off. Possibly more than I had intended.
First row of tomatoes
2nd row of tomatoes

Pineapple Tomatilloes
Insectary Herb mix. Don't know exactly what's in here but I'm gonna harvest some randomly and see how they taste. They are the only herbs that I put straight into the ground that seem to be doing relatively well.

Corn and soybeans. I am planting them in batches so they don't all come up at once, hence the shorter plants in the back. I read somewhere that they grow well together so we'll see how that goes.
Butternut Squash
Bell pepper and beets. Carrots are in there too but you can't make them out from the weeds.
This row just sprouted. I put seeds in last week. Watermelon, Cucumber, zucchini.
This row isn't doing as well. The butternut squash is at the end. but the cantelope and other stuff I put in as seeds haven't sprouted.
Another shot of the whole garden.


April said...

How exciting!! We'll have to keep up with each other and compare how things grow. I don't have a big yard, but I am already trying to plan how to expand for next year.

About said...

Your garden looks great! So much space, lucky gal.