Sunday, June 21, 2015


*tap tap tap*


*uncomfortable silence*




I may be back.

*more uncomfortable silence*

I thought about starting a new blog because I'm thinking it'll be different than before.

But then I couldn't think of a good name that wasn't already taken.

Not to mention I'm not actually sure what it is I'm going to write about yet.

You're weird for reading this blog that hasn't been updated in over a year.  And even before that, maybe a half a dozen posts in the last like 5 years.  You should probably clean up your feedly subscriptions or whatever it is you're using.

OK so what is it that I'm going to write about.  

I can't say I know what that is right now.

Option 1: Food and crafty stuff

Option 2: Random rants, more like a journal.

Option 3: Anything that comes to mind.  An incoherent combination of anything/everything.

Currently I'm favoring option 3.

OK.  I'm posting this.  I'm debating deleting this and trying to actually write a post that's actually about something.  But right now I'm not so sure that will actually happen.

If you're reading this, say hi.

Or maybe don't.  I'm not sure.  I might prefer not to have an audience.  But google analytics will tell me you're there so I'll still know.  So I'm back to say hi.  Or don't.  Or give me ideas on what I'm doing here.  Or don't.

OK I'm done.  Bye.

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