Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random post #1

So here's the plan.  I'm going to do a few random incoherent posts.  I figure if I'm not aiming for coherency then maybe I'll actually post something.  We'll see how this goes.

This is a sewing project I did.

I decided I needed a new wallet.  I'm told this is really more of a clutch but I'm sticking with calling it a wallet.

I went to the fabric store with the intention of buying 1-2 yards of fabric.  I figured I'd need maybe a half a yard and I assumed I'd screw it up and redo it at least once.

So I went to Budlee, which I'd heard has very good prices.  After rummaging around for a while I settled on this fabric.  It's black on one side and blue on the other with a small grid pattern of the opposite color.  When I went to pay, it was $1/yard so I decided to get 5.  The guy was very liberal in his measuring so I really ended up with more like 7 yards for $5 so I was pretty happy with that.

Then I had to actually make it.  I'd seen this video tutorial but I didn't love the layout of the card holder part of it.

So I decided to make my own pattern.   I use the word pattern very liberally.

Random scribbles is really a more accurate description.  But they were good enough.

And if for some reason you thought you want to read my scribbles, I didn't actually follow them.

I made a first one but it had issues.  I made a list of stuff to fix and made it again.  And actually fixed about half of the things on my list.

One side with the carry strip.

Other side with the slider for clasp.

Some pictures of the inside.

There's the card holder slots.  The first version didn't quite hold them well enough.  I made the slots slightly narrower and also 1/4" deeper per slot.  I took the fabric width and just made as many slots as I could with it.

There are pockets behind the card holders.  One is for cash, the other is for random crap.

On the outside you can see zippers.  One is for my phone.  The other is for more random crap.  The first version, I stitched too close to one of the zippers and it didn't open and close properly.  This one at least I can open the pockets.  I meant to put the zippers the other way but I'm OK with them where they are.

Other stuff
  • Construction on this one is definitely improved over the 1st version.  I am not in love with it but I think it's good enough that I don't feel the need to do it again.
    • This time I got the fabric fairly well squared up.  The grid i a little under 1/4" squares so it shows when the seams aren't straight.  Not perfect but a lot better than the last version
    • I don't love the way the inside looks wrinkly.  On the 1st version I only interfaced the outside but the inside was really soft and floppy.  It's better but the wrinkliness is not great.
    • On the first version I trimmed the seam allowances.  On this one I did not.  The seam allowances give it a bit more rigidity but it also makes it pretty thick.  I'm not sure I love the thickness.  I keep pressing trying to make it thinner but I don't think I'm winning.
    • The zippers open and close yay
    • I meant to make a loop that I could hook my keys on.  Both times I have forgotten about it.  I give up.
    • The stitching at the ends of the closure strap is not great.  On the 1st version they were pretty terrible, all wonky like a 5 year old did it.  At least I got the lines straight but I decided to curve the ends of the strap, which I kinda failed at sewing.
    • I meant to topstitch a box with an X to reinforce the carry strap but I forgot to do it.  Both times.
    • All the card slots plus the interfacing on the inner and outer layers plus the zippers makes for a super thick thing to sew through.  At times my presser foot was all the way up and still struggling to feed it.
    • I have so much thread and bits of fabric all over the place.  This is a woven so with each cut, I ended up with bits of stuff coming off.  And I was too lazy to clean it until after.  Much of the lint is inside the bag.
  • Any thoughts on what to make with the like 6 yards I have left?
OK that's all I have to say about that.  What should my next random post be?

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