Monday, July 21, 2008

Pi Approximation Day

So I gave my notice last week at work. I will be moving to North Carolina in a couple weeks. I have told pretty much everyone at work by now.

The consensus was that everyone would effectively be going on a diet starting August 2nd. So naturally I have an effort to try and make as many baked goods as possible between now and then. Of course that's a bit of a challenge when it's 90+ degrees outside everyday and even hotter in my apt because it's on the 3rd floor.

In particular, one of the things that people were sad about was that I wouldn't be there to spearhead Pi(e) Day next year. Maybe it will live on in, I gave my 'Pi Day poster' to our finance guy; we will see how he does with it in March.

It was quite an event this year, with 20 some pies for maybe 40 people and the timing of it helped lighten the mood quite a bit around the office.

Well I won't be here for Pi(e) Day but tomorrow is Pi Approximation Day. A lot of older people know pi as 22/7 or 3.142857. Well that isn't exactly pi but it's close enough. So for Pi Approximation Day we all bring in stuff that is close to pie but isn't.

Here's the menu of what I am bringing:
Corn and Bacon Tartlets - the Corn and Bacon pie was so popular on Pi(e) day I made a bite size version
S'more tartlets - graham cracker crust, a bit of chocolate melted into the crust and a marshmallow charred just a bit on top, all in a bite size piece
Devils Food cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and hazelnut praline buttercream frosting
Peach cobbler
Lemon and blueberry bars
Mixed berry puff pastry cups

Other people at work seemed excited about the idea so hopefully other people will bring stuff as well.

Did I mention this was a pretty major cleaning out the fridge/freezer/pantry effort as well? Pretty impressive considering I only decided to do it last night and I made everything last night and today after I got home from work don't you think? I probably shouldn't come home at 4:30 and bake the entire time until I go to bed too much more.

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