Thursday, October 22, 2009

Barefoot Bloggers: Blue Cheese Souffle

This month's recipe for Blue Cheese Souffle was chosen by Summer.

So here's the dilemma. What was I gonna do with a full 8" souffle? it's not like it would keep well in the fridge once it was baked. And I don't have an 8" souffle dish. So I decided to make single serving size souffles.

Then I got tied up with work stuff. 14 hour days were so much more tolerable when I had a 6 minute commute.

And then I got this nasty cough from my flu shot.

Anyway, I still managed to make it on time. Barely. But it's here.

The blue cheese flavor is pretty strong. I would probably cut it back and add some other cheese for future reference. That or actually use the amount called for in the recipe, not just dump some in and figure that should be good. I made it in my toaster oven because the front is clean and I could watch it without opening the door. Otherwise I'd have no idea how long to bake it for. That worked out pretty well.

Is it sad that I've never had a savory souffle before? I've had plenty of chocolate souffles but never savory. Anyway, here it is. It is a hold on and tweak it recipe.


Kate said...

Oh girl, I'm with you. I have the nastiest cold right now, and couldn't stand the idea of a full souffle, so I scaled it way back two mini ramekins. It was pretty tasty, cold notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

I love your mini souffles! I am waiting a relpy to join the group, but went ahead and made the souffle just to get in the swing of it. I too have never had a savory one but thought I might have to try more after tasting this one! Hope you feel better soon!

Kate said...

P.S. I made mine in a toaster oven, as well. Those things are so handy when you need to stare and watch a dish, like this, or a dutch baby. Or garlic bread, which I'd usually burn.

Foodie with Little Thyme! said...

Great idea to make mini souffles.
Hope your on the mend.

Shelly W said...

Isn't it crummy that the flu shot MADE you sick? My husband had the same problem! Hope you're feeling better. I love your mini souffle!