Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Need to eat eggs!

So my fridge died this weekend while I was gone. I went to get a drink this morning and everything was warm. Th

I have chucked most of the stuff now. The stench was horrible. There was all sorts of growth in my produce drawer. That's putting it nicely. I had a fridge pretty much completely full and now I have a small cooler that fit everything. That's kinda sad.

The milk was scary. It was an unopened carton and it was bulging. Really bulging. Like I was afraid to pick it up because I was afraid it was gonna pop and spew chunky milk all over the place bulging.

I have kept the eggs, they are OK for a few days at room temperature. But I need to make them soon.

So what do I make with a dozen + eggs? Keep in mind all my milk, yogurt, cheese and lots of other stuff just got chucked so I am somewhat limited on other ingredients.

I am thinking about hard boiling them and then eating them for the next couple days but that's pretty boring.

I could scramble some and make like breakfast burrito's and put them in the freezer (the freezer still works, thank god). I have bacon in the freezer and onions so that could actually work. That or put them in a container and make them into sandwiches at work (I have rolls in the office)

I could make egg salad. The only problem with that is I'd have to make mayonaise, and then I'd have to take it to work until my fridge is working again and I have onions but no celery to add to it. Alternatively, I could open a new thing of salad dressing, add chopped egg and onion and call that egg salad.

What else can I do?????? Help!!

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uva said...

You could devil them. I think that mostly just takes spices that shouldn't have gone bad. Or throw them at houses/cars/people. That's always fun :)