Monday, May 5, 2008

Office treats

The last week or 2 there have been lots of goodies around the office. Granted, we always have a lot of goodies around, me bringing in probably about half of them. But lately other people have been bringing in a lot of stuff too. Today I had my... item for my Daring Bakers challenge, to be revealed in a few weeks, Cheryl had bagels, Debbie had donuts... and that's just today. It seems like we have stuff every day now. So the question is, why? I don't think I am bringing in more than usual, I usually do 1-2 baked goods per week and I am still on target for that. Debbie has been bringing in brownies more and more lately.

But what is sparking this? My theory is with the changes going on, it's like after someone dies you visit with the relatives and bring them food and stuff. I think we are looking to bring some fun or joy or something back to the office. It has become really depressing lately and I don't see how it will get any better in the near future.

Of course I am pretty much sticking with my making some sort of baked goods on the weekend and bringing it in Monday or Tuesday and pawning it off on people at work so I can try another recipe. I have been getting a bit more... creative.... lately. They tend to like to stick with basics and staples. So alternatively, maybe I am just inspiring people to want to bake more and stuff.

Maybe that is the best way to think of it. I am inspiring. hehehehehehehe I am amusing myself already.

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