Thursday, January 14, 2010

Barefoot Bloggers: Indonesian Ginger Chicken

The first recipe for this month is Indonesian Ginger Chicken. It was chosen by Todd. It was a good choice. It's something I would not have chosen on my own but is pretty good.

I halved the recipe. I am not going to eat 2 chickens. Even 1 chicken is a lot more meat than I typically eat in a week. Some of it will probably end up in the freezer. And some of it ended up in the trash when I forgot to put it in the fridge for a day and a half.

I didn't know what to serve with this so I served it over a bed of rice. A bed of slightly overcooked rice but that's OK. That's why you should measure the water before adding it to the rice cooker, not just add and say eh, that should be good.

It's fairly sweet for a chicken dish. The dark meat was excellent and juicy. The breasts were a little dry. I strained off the pan drippings, separated the fat and saved the juices. I put some of them with the chicken breasts to help with the dryness. The pan drippings are a good alternative to chicken stock if you want to mix up the flavor a bit (thanks, Lynn Rosetto Kasper) with some saute'd vegetables or something.

Here is the recipe. Look, I even posted it on time!

And now I've even added a pic!


Lori said...

My toffee recipe has corn syrup in it! You can find the recipe here:

Todd M said...

Going through the list of bloggers you are the first post I found. Glad you liked the pick!

Future Grown-Up said...

I do the "eh, that looks good" too so I understand what you mean.

Thanks for sharing the tip about saving the drippings for chicken stock...Ina seems to have a fondness for homemade stock so that should come in handy.