Sunday, January 31, 2010

Barefoot Bloggers: Shrimp Bisque

I guess I better finish this post. This month's second choice was Shrimp Bisque. It was chosen by Jennifer.

OK this recipe did not work out at all for me. I guess I shoulda thought about it some before I made it. Pureed shrimp? Bleh. Oh well. I had a couple spoonfuls. The rest is in the fridge probably to be tossed in a couple days.

Better luck next time!

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blissfullydelicious said...

That's too bad it didn't work out! It didn't sound appetizing when I read it, but I thought it was just me ;-) I decided to take a break from Barefoot Bloggers group because I have been having aversions with cooking (and eating!) various meat due to my pregnancy.