Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Garden

Yes, I realize it's January.

Yes, I realize it is way too early to start gardening.

But I am excited! I just got a chunk of the local Community Garden! Actually 2 chunks. 2 - 7'x14' chunks with a 3' space between them.

Here's my dilemma. What should I grow? There are so many things that sound yummy that I want to grow. So here's the list. Anyone have any recommendations?

I am planning on getting seeds from Reimer Seeds, anyone have an opinion on them?

Have seeds:
Butternut Squash (these are seeds I saved but I got some to sprout by accident so I figure they will grow)
Cherry Tomatoes
Larger tomatoes (seeds from tomatoes from last summer, who knows what will grow)
Bell Peppers (these were seeds I saved, not sure if they will grow)
Garlic Chives
Daffodils (have bulbs)

Here's the list of stuff I definitely plan on getting seeds for:
Pineapple Tomatillos
Sunflowers (Mammoth Gray Stripe)

Here's the list of other stuff I am thinking about:
Some form of Onion (undecided here)
German Winter Thyme
Mint (not sure if I should do peppermint or spearmint)
Russian Tarragon
Pineapple Tomatoes
Pear Tomatoes (red or yellow or both)
Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelons
Yellow Doll Watermelons
Congo Watermelons
Teton Spinach
Blushing beauty sweet peppers
Giant Marconi Sweet Peppers
Sweet Banana Sweet Peppers
Imperial 45 Canteloupes
Honey Rock Cantaloupes
Some form of corn (any recommendations?)
Some form of lettuce

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