Sunday, June 8, 2008


So there was a baby shower that I was invited to this weekend. I don't know much about babies and I don't do the cutsy little things that are generally associated with babies. But I figured I'd go to this baby shower.

So I went to get a gift. I opted for a gift card. It keeps things simple and they can get what they actually want rather than have some random crap that I chose because I figured I needed something.

But I figured just handing them a gift card wasn't quite the right thing. So I go to get a card. So I go to the baby section of cards. And they have cards just for baby showers so I figure one of those would be appropriate. So I pick up the first card and it was something really cheesy. So then I go to the next card, also really cheesy. I proceed through the whole section and even looked at some It's a girl cards before I gave up. This was the solution I came up with.

In case you can't read it, it says 'I couldn't find a card that didn't make me gag so I came up with this solution. -Eva'. I put the gift card inside. They laughed when they saw it.

I brought a cake and pasta dish. The pasta will be posted later. The cake was a chocolate cake mix with the same buttercream as from the opera cake post except with some strawberry jelly mixed in. I also made it pink because they are having a girl. That's as close as I get to baby stuff. I tried to decorate it with raspberries to draw a pic but it didn't work out so well. I know, I suck at decorating cakes or really anything where you are aiming for pretty. This is it packed up in a box to take over with the pasta salad underneath. It's not pretty but it tastes good.

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