Thursday, June 5, 2008

Barefoot Blogger: Ghetto Herbed Baked Eggs

Well I joined the Barefoot bloggers after this first one was done so I figure I can butcher it and no one will be too upset. I really Sandra Lee'd it. But the recipe looked good and I needed dinner. So here goes nothing.

I cooked it for 7 minutes based on peoples' comments that at 5 the yolks were completely uncooked. Well my yolks were cooked through completely and the whites were a bit rubbery so next time I think I'll stick with the 5. This is such a simple recipe and my method doesn't require like any special ingredients that aren't always in my fridge and it's really quick so it'll be a good go to dinner. It's supposed to served with bread and a salad or something but this is totally a I don't have any food and I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like doing major cooking right now meal so having a salad and bread that is not stale is not very likely. Maybe in the future I'll do it in my toaster oven so I can see it cooking and I can tell better how close to done it is.

I swirled the butter around the dish a bit before adding the eggs so the egg wouldn't stick to it. It makes for easier clean up later but I think other people didn't do it and it lets the egg cling to the side and gives it more height or whatever. I'd rather have easy clean up.

Flavor wise, pretty simple but good. The garlic and the cheese stood out a lot but that's just a matter of how much I sprinkled on. This could work with other combos of seasonings and cheeses too to give some variety (or clean out the spices/fridge, whatever you prefer to call it). I think I may add some seasoning in to the butter before pouring the eggs in next time to get them more incorporated into the eggs.

Ghetto Herbed Baked Eggs

Put a small pat of butter in a 1 cup pyrex ramekin. (There is supposed to be cream but I didn't have any so like I said, I Sandra Lee'd it)
Turn the broiler on and put the dish under the broiler until it bubbles.
Take it out of the broiler and do the next steps quickly so the ramekin doesn't cool.
Crack 2 eggs into the ramekin.
Crack some italian seasoning mix in your hands and sprinkle italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese on top of the eggs.
Broil for 5-6 minutes.

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These sound very good - thanks for a great share!