Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stupid Shoes

So I have been informed that girls are supposed to wear shoes. And flip flops, sneakers and Sketcher's style shoes are not acceptable. But not like heels and supposedly something I can walk in without falling on my face. Which is suspicious because I have enough trouble walking barefoot let along with something oddly shaped on my foot. And not wicked witch of the west either.

I was rather perplexed. I've always worn my Sketcher's type shoe as my nice shoe. So I go to Boscov's in search of these supposed shoes. Well I found something. I don't know if they count. I'm still figuring that out.

So this is the shoe I got. And my lovely foot.

It's got a slight heel but it's not one of those pointy things and it's not all wicked witch of the west and I think I can walk in them. But are these considered 'shoes' and like nice shoes? It's hard to tell from the pic but they are leather and black. So at least I didn't have to deviate from normal there.

So the shoes were a hair big in the store so the lady gave me a few insert things to put in the shoe to make them fit better. One goes down at the toe, I got that one but then there is this other one. She said you peel off the back and stick it on the back of your heel but I can't figure out how.

So this is a pic of the thing. It's tapered. So does it go on the back of the heel or under heel? If it goes under the heel it's a bit long for just under the heel. If it goes on the back then does the tapered end go on the inner side and the fat part on the outside? Or does it go vertical and maybe I cut the top since it would stick out of the shoe? Or do I move it down so part of it goes under the heel?

Ugh, I don't understand. Why can't I just wear Sketcher's again?