Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strawberry Lemon Cake

Well I hadn't baked anything all week. And I had some strawberries that are really good but were getting close to going bad because I got them a week and a half ago. And I had some left over buttercream just sitting in the fridge. What does that add up to? Lemon Strawberry cake!

I just used a yellow cake mix and substituted half of the water with lemon juice. I split it into 4 8" cake rounds so that I'd have 4 layers (although the stupid layers are not level and they kind of fell apart as I tried to assemble the cake and frost it. I sliced up the strawberries really thin and put them between each layer. When I put the top layer on, I frosted the whole thing with the left over buttercream that I let sit out and get to room temperature and then topped with strawberry slices. Yay. Easy to make and good.

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