Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Food Blogging

So I saw this post on a blog talking about food blogs. It is kind of a strange post. I'm kinda disturbed by it actually. Apparently there is a very dark scary side of food blogging that I didn't know about. Kind of like the little kid who found out the boogie man really does exist. And it's that weird uncle who is just a little too friendly with your kid brother. And while this uncle doesn't seem to care for you, he seems to spend a little too much private time with your brother.

OK that's a pretty disturbing analogy. Anyway.....

The poster, or rather the person the poster is quoting, felt that food blogging is an eating disorder. She thinks she is obsessing because she has 20 food blogs in her reader (hah, what does that say about me? I've got 100+) and that food blogging made her obsess over food. She would hide what she was eating online because she was afraid of what other food bloggers would think. There is also a focus on food bloggers not being overweight but maybe having been overweight and posting everything they eat.

Maybe I am on another planet or something but the food blogs I read don't post everything they eat. A lot of them are bakers who carefully test and hone their recipes and techniques and post amazing pictures of it. It's about expressing and preserving your passion for food.

For me the purpose of this blog is a lot different. I like to bake. I baked a lot before I started this blog. It lets me carry on about something I made without having to bore someone (or have to listen to someone tell me that I'm boring). I blog about the good and the bad with no discretion. Just anything that I have some thoughts on or that I make just because I feel I need to make something. And it's probably better that I spend a bit of time blogging after I make something rather than making the next thing. It keeps me from making food for the rest of my life in a single day.

The blog is really like having someone to talk to but without having to listen to them. It's got the pro's of people without the con's of having to deal with their drama and need for attention. I can ignore the blog when I've got other stuff going on and it doesn't get mad. It doesn't talk back and it always agrees with me.

So a blog is like having a friend without any of the stupid stuff that comes with people. I get to have my cake and eat it too. Literally and figuratively. Right? Right.


Krysta said...

that was the weirdest article ever! it's funny because she must not know about the blogger 15 (that 15 pounds food bloggers tend to gain) who cares what you eat and if she's hiding what she eats, she has issues with food that extend WAY beyond food blogging

Julie said...

I dunno, I was obsessing about food already. Now I just tell the world about it...what's the difference :P