Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Like I mentioned before, I have chosen and reached an agreement on a house. I am closing on the 10th. Today we did an inspection. It went pretty well. A few cosmetic issues but nothing of real concern. I can totally fix most of the cosmetic issues too. In like an hour and $50.

Well you know how I am. I can't exactly just sit there and stay out of the way while they do the inspection. So I decided to take pics of the house. I was using the VGA camera on my cell phone so pictures are not that great and apparently angled really poorly. I just snapped and figured it'd be good. I'm not exactly a professional photographer.

So without further ado, here is a grand tour of my house.

The first 2 are the exterior, obviously. Front and then side/back. It's a townhouse so they maintain the exterior and yard. I have the garage, 2 spots on the left and the space for a car in front of the garage. There is a mirroring house with their garage attached to the right of the pic. I could probably put 1 or 2 more cars pulled straight in but it might be difficult to get cars out. And there's my car on the left, at least the butt of it (the silver one). I don't think I ever got a pic of it posted.

There's not much of a patio in the back but there is enough room for a grill and since I'm the end unit I can also use the yard on the side. There's shrubbery around it that makes it a little more private, though it's definitely not secluded. I'm figuring I'll get a folding chair and table or a few of those plastic stacking chairs that I can keep in the sunroom and pull out as desired. If I decide I like the outdoors. That's the sunroom with all the blinds drawn. My old couch will go in there. And the grill that I intend to get. And in the winter my little herb garden. That will be in planters that will get moved around as necessary.
OK let's go back to the front and go in the house. So you walk in the front door and this is what you see. Stairs to the right. Living room on the left, connecting back to the kitchen and sunroom.

Here's another angle of the living room. And I think that's Howard, one of the inspectors. I've been told that they are really good prefinished hardwood floors. I think he said it was spruce but he had a pretty heavy accent and I didn't want to ask a 4th time what he said. Oh, and it's on the stairs too. I'm thinking I am going to get a microfiber sectional in here. And I think an LCD over the fireplace. It's a working gas log fireplace. The inspectors said it could easily heat the 1st floor should the heat die or something. Good to know but hopefully won't get used.

Now let's continue into the kitchen. That's Cheryl, my realtor. I was just bopping around taking pictures so she ended up in the pic. A nice lay out. The cabinets and appliances are functional but definitely not new. Apparently I missed taking pics of it but to the left is where the dining table would go and then glass doors to the sunroom that then leads out side to the pic you can see above. I have 18.5" between the top cabinets and the countertop to fit a TV. So now I know what my limits are for the LCD that will go right where their TV is.

Here is what I'm dreaming up for the kitchen. New cabinets (I'll need to determine if I just need to do the faces or the whole thing), stainless steel appliances, tile floor, I am undecided on granite or manufactured stone countertops. The layout is great. I really like the island and there's lots of cabinets and countertop space.

This is the laundry room that leads to the garage. It is to the right of the fridge in the kitchen.

Then next to the laundry room is the half bath. My realtor likes the wallpaper. Me, eh. It'll stay for now. It's got the same vinyl floors as the kitchen.

And then next to the bathroom is the pantry. mmmm this should work nicely for me. It's pretty deep. Hopefully I won't overflow it.

That covers the downstairs. Now let's head up the stairs. In front is the water heater. Not really any significant storage here. To the left of it is the hall bathoom and further over the 2nd bedroom. To the right is the master. The master is so much more important so we'll head there first.

Here are a few different angles. First from the doorway. Another angle near from the right of the door and then a shot from the left to the right showing the closets and leading to the master bath. There's plenty of light though my pics don't show that so well.

Yes it is that green. This is the first place to get repainted.

Big walk in on the left. And then smaller closet on the right. The one on the right is actually bigger than the closet at my old apt. This should be funny. I might fill one rack in the big closet. Then lots of storage in the rest.

Now for the bathroom. To the right, sink and toilet.

And to the left, the shower. I know the green here and in the bedroom are pretty hideous. That's the first thing getting repainted. I'm thinking gray. A real light gray. I'm not sure if I want to do the same shade in the bedroom and the bath or maybe do the bath a shade darker. Any thoughts?

In my fantasies I'm going to redo this bath. Solid surface vanity, new toilet, get rid of that wallpaper and a walk in shower. I really want a walk in shower. Then the guest bath would get a similar thing except with a soaking tub instead of the shower. We'll is what, if anything, actually happens.

Let's continue. Through the bath to the office. The desk and cabinets are built in. This is actually pretty exciting. And most of the drawers have file holder thingys too. I like file holders. It's got a skylight that is angled that you can't really see out of but provides some light. One problem though is that the A/C does not seem to have a vent in here. We'll see how well it works. There is also the attic access from here. It's got the pull down stairs and a solid floor. Nothing particularly fancy, not a living space, but a solid floor is good for putting random crap that I really should get rid of but instead stick in the attic.

OK, we're done with the master suite. Now let's check out the guest area. Here's the bathroom. Yes, it really is that purple. This will get repainted too. Any thoughts on color? Same as the master? That would save me a can of paint. It's got pretty much the same tub as the master too.

And over to the guest room.

And here is the closet. I didn't capture it very well but this thing is monstrous. It's bigger than the walk in in the master. No one visiting me is staying long enough to use all that closet space. This means more storage space for me.

And that's my house.

So what do you think?

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