Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I think I am starting to go through withdrawal. I have been here for over a month now. While I have access to good produce, I don't really have a means of doing anything with it besides eating it as is. The fridge I'm using now is one of those little cube fridges so there is barely any room for anything.

My cooking is not particularly good. I know this. I've made lots of really bad food. I've made lots of mediocre food. I eat junk food. I don't even cook that often. I've gone weeks eating leftovers and junk food and being a scavenger of lunches at work.

But I've always had the option of cooking, just not the time, energy, etc. Now I don't really have the means. Sure, I have my toaster oven. I've made toasted sandwiches and a couple baked goods in it but it's not the same. I can't really make pasta. I can't really brown meat. I can't make pancakes. I suppose I could make bacon in the microwave but I don't really have room in the fridge for a pack of bacon.

So I am going through withdrawal. While I like going out to eat, I don't like doing it every meal every day. So I have my attempt at making food. But with my limited resources (and the fact that a lot of my food is bad even when I have a full kitchen) my meals have been very bleh. I make something but it's usually some version of a sandwich or a quesadilla. That or a piece of fruit or a tomato. While they are definitely good, all I can do is eat it underripe. Once they ripen there is no room in the fridge so they only have a day or 2. I can't make a peach pie. I suppose I might be able to make roasted tomatoes but I can't make pasta to use the tomatoes in the sauce. Or some version of fried rice. Or a real grilled cheese sandwich. Or anything bigger than a single serving that would need to be refrigerated.

This does not exactly satisfy.

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