Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barefoot Bloggers BRC: Sauteed Broccolini

I almost didn't make this recipe. If I hadn't gone to the trouble of looking for the broccolini last week this so would not have been made. But I had already paid like $5 for it at the only grocery store I could find it at.

and I actually learned something from it.I actually learned something from this recipe. The surprising part is that it's the simplest recipe. I never used to blanch my vegetables. Sure I'd seen Alton Brown explain what it did and how it was all sorts of good for veggies but I still didn't do it. I just couldn't see why I should boil a pot of water just to throw a couple things in for a minute to cool it back down and then saute it? Yeah like I was going to do that. So I would always just throw it in the saute pan and sorta pan roast them.

Now I understand blanching. It really does get a whole lot brighter green after it's blanched. And it stays a whole lot crisper when it is sauteed. Or maybe I just sauteed it less. Either way. I know, I know, I'm slow. The rest of the world has been doing it forever but I'm slow. Get over it.

You can thank Mary of Meet Me in the Kitchen for the lesson. She chose this recipe because she is cool and lots of people go to her blog and subsequently went to the Barefoot Bloggers website. But I have sauteed broccolini so I'm cool too.

Here's the recipe. Enjoy.


Kate said...

Hah! This is exactly what I thought about the blanching process, and it's why I Didn't make this optional recipe this month. I always oven toast my veggies with olive oil and I said "I don't see the point of blanching and honestly, who needs a recipe for this?" That shows ME! Since you had the exact same attitude I did, I have to take your advice and try it this way next time.

P.S.... you and I are coming up next to choose recipes, in May!

Me! said...

Kate - YES!!! I've looked a couple times and thought woohoo it's coming soon! I already have my recipe picked (as I did pretty much since I joined the Barefoot Bloggers) and then I forget which month it is. It probably applies for all green veggies so if you go to the store and can't find broccolini or don't want to pay the $5 for the tiny little bunch, broccoli or something else would work just as well.

Amanda said...

Ooh... I too have never blanched. I'm nervous... but I'll try it.

I do have a lot of asparagus hanging around...