Saturday, February 23, 2008

Celebrity Chefs

So much drama in the celebrity chef world. Who would have expected all this? The whole Emeril leaving Food Network and joining Martha Stewart. And all sorts of drama about Robert Irvine. The food world is supposed to be about eating and cooking and food porn. I can accept that you get some party ideas or decorating type stuff that you get with Sandra Lee or celebrities coming on and showing their recipes or something like that but this is rediculous. Who would have thought that anyone would care that Robert Irvine made stuff up? I know lots of people who make up all sorts of accomplishments they have had but you just laugh at them and move on with your life. And Emeril leaving because of negotiations breakdown? Is the food world really that far into the celebrity world that you get this kind of drama? Next thing you know there will be pictures in the tabloids of Paula Deen making out with Ming Tsai or something. Bah. I just want some yummy goodness. And maybe a bit of food porn. Is that so much to ask?

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