Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My car part 3 (part 2 will get posted when I get around to finishing it)

Well my car is officially totalled. The adjuster says they will give me 11,600 after the deductible, which is a lot more than I thought it would be so that's good. I went back to the car today to grab the last couple things that were in the car and my licence plate. I found my sun glasses that I had been looking for for a few months. And from what they say my hospital visit and all should be covered by the insurance as well so that's good.

Now, what kind of car do I want? Should I keep the Suzuki SX4?

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xean said...

i actually really like the suzuki sx4. it's one of my top two choices for new cars right now next to the nissan versa. but if i were somewhere where having to fit a small car wasn't a big issue i would also consider a mazda3 hatchback.