Monday, February 25, 2008


So apparently I traumatized the new guy at work. I said to him that people are fundamentally selfish. Everything anyone does is ultimately for themselves.

You buy a 60" big screen TV. You do this because you like to watch TV (or movies or play video games or whatever). You buy the TV for your own enjoyment. I don't think anyone would argue that one.

You spend 40 grand a year to send your kid to college. You do this because you like or otherwise care about you kid. You want them to have whatever it is you think this education will get them. This is important to you. You spend this money on something you want.

You give money to the paraplegic basketball team. You feel good because you think you have done something nice for someone else and you believe that is a good thing. You believe it is a good thing and you feel better about yourself when you do good things. Therefore, you gave them money to make yourself feel good.

Apparently this shakes his fundamental beliefs in humanity.


Karthik Ramachandran said...

A paraplegic basketball team ?!?! WTF?

disgusted said...

What giant rock has this guy lived under that he's never heard that point of view? I mean...there was even a friends episode about it.
The people in pottsville: another reason I will never visit.

Me! said...

He's actually from Indiana.