Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lemon Wedges

Watch this video and you will have second thoughts about that lemon wedge they have with your water or other beverage at restaurants. Now I'm no psycho about germs and contamination. I know bacteria is everywhere and that's just part of life but they definitely have a good point. The lemon wedges are cut up a while beforehand and just left sitting out until they get around to using them. You wouldn't do that with any vegetables you are going to serve raw. I would bet they just give the lemons a cursory wash when they get them in, after all you don't eat the peel of the lemon. You do, however, frequently drop them into your drink (at least I did). The high acidity of the lemons will keep most bacteria from growing, except the ones that do well in acidic environments. Unfortunately, those are the ones that would also do well in your digestive tract so you can't count on your body to take care of those. There are probably too few to be a real concern but I think I'll have my water without the lemon anyway. I was never big on the lemon thing anyway, just went along with it because that seems to be what they do.

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