Sunday, November 16, 2008

Barefoot Bloggers Catch Up: Apple Turnovers

So I've started trying to catch up on all the food blogging that I didn't do while I was moving. I have about 30 recipes stuck on my refrigerator plus more that I haven't gotten around to printing yet. I am not sure I will ever catch up... I see so many recipes that I want and then I never seem to get a chance to make all of them. Not to mention, I never seem to be able to follow a recipe and I end up screwing them up half the time so then I either have to retry it or call it a flop.

Anyway, I decided to do one of the Barefoot Blogger recipes. Apples are still in peak season so I made Apple Turnovers. It's a real simple recipe, though I still failed to follow it. It called for dried cherries but I had raisins; it called for orange juice and zest but I had lemons; it called for 3 apples but I bought 4 because I couldn't remember what I needed so I bought 4 figuring that would be plenty. I ended up needing to roll the puff pastry out thinner to make it big enough for all the filling and I got tired of waiting for it to thaw because i didn't think to put it in the fridge or take it out to thaw until i wanted to roll it.

While my pastries weren't perfect, they still tasted good. They were pretty good fresh but they kinda lost that crispy goodness once they got cold.

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