Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

I haven't made a pie in ages. Since Pi Approximation Day probably. And those weren't really pies anyway. But I keep seeing stuff about pies.... all sorts of pies.... apple pies, pie crust competitions, and then I saw this post and I knew I had to make it. It looked so good (and the instructions were simple and I had all the ingredients so no subs) that I actually followed it!

I bought the pie crust because this was an impulse thing because I hadn't baked anything in about 5 days and making crust would have taken too long. My strainer clearly wasn't that fine mesh because I didn't have too much trouble straining it. I don't actually know how much ginger I used because I just took the knob out of the freezer and grated some into the pan until it looked good. The filling made 2 pies... the recipe only states 1 but after I made the filling it definitely was not fitting in 1 shell and it filled 2 pretty well.

The pie came out really good and silky smooth. It was mildly spiced, lots of good pumpkiny flavor and not overly creamy although my judgement on this was probably not the best because I was still recovering from a cold and my smell and taste were off. I brought them to work and they went quickly, but everything seems to go quickly at work so far so that doesn't really tell you anything. It was definitely better than the pumpkin pie I had made for Pi Day. Maybe I will make it again for the next Pi Day... if I decide to do it, which is still to be determined.

Since I took the pies to work, I don't have any pics of it sliced but it was very smooth. It kind of looked like it wasn't cooked all the way through at the center before I cut into it but it was set up when I sliced it.

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