Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barefoot Bloggers: Meatballs and Spaghetti

This was the 1st Barefoot Bloggers recipe for the month. It was chosen by BMK of Reservations Not Required. This was a pretty easy recipe. Very straight forward. Only somewhat special ingredient was the parsley, which everything seems to call for. Yet I still don't buy all that often because I never seem to use more than a couple sprigs. But I did this time. We'll see how much parsley I end up throwing out in a few days.

So I'm lazy and they didn't have any mixed ground meat packs so I just used beef. They also didn't have any ground pork or veal packaged up and ready to go. So I went with just beef.

This was a Sunday project so I decided to make some fresh spaghetti to go with it. Well, actually I made 2 lbs of fettucine. I have a pasta maker attachment but I've only used a couple of the shapes so I decided to try another one. I used some of it for this recipe and the rest went in the freezer for future use.

It came out pretty good. I had it with a spinach crouton salad to claim that I ate a balanced meal. Well at least the first one was with a salad.

My only issue was there kinda wasn't enough sauce. I would say I was pretty close to 1 lb of pasta and I had less meat than the recipe called for but there just wasn't really enough sauce. Maybe because I used diced tomatoes and they didn't break down enough and form more sauce. You can see in my pic the pasta seems a bit dry. I thought about beefing it up with a jar of tomato sauce but then.... well I didn't.

Go here for the recipe.

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