Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sesame Chicken

This was a recipe I picked when I was doing my little Chinese food thing a while back but I didn't actually get around to it.

The key to this recipe is the sweet chili sauce. I had looked at it at the asian market quite a few times and wondered if I should try it. There is also a hot chili sauce but my tastes suggest that I prefer the sweet. Maybe after I finish this bottle I will try the hot. Maybe.

This is the sauce. All the little flecks in it are from the chili sauce. No, the drip marks on the side of the bowl where I wiped off my spatula don't bother me. Mmmmm I could drink it. It's got a lot more of a kick than a General Tso's or Sesame chicken that I've ever gotten from a take out place.

Sesame Chicken
based on this recipe at My Kitchen Snippets

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