Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is my poor finger. For the record, it is really hard to take a picture of your own finger. Since I am left handed, I cut my right index finger. So to take a picture of it I had to hold the camera with my left hand, thumb on the bottom to try and stabilize it, and then snap the picture and try to hold it still enough to take the pic. The first couple I tried to get a close up but it came out really blurry. The first one I tried I didn't even get my finger.

So the split down the length of the nail... that is how it grew back when I smashed it in a car door a couple years ago. I thought it would close but it never seemed to. The nail grows in, in 2 sections and the side at the top of the pic grows in under the other side. Don't ask me why. I don't know. That's just what it does. I've been trying to make it grow normal but that hasn't worked so far.

Anyway... back to the knife.... I was slicing up some bread for the recipe I posted earlier when I sliced my finger. That would be the slice toward the tip of the nail in the pic. I sliced through the top nail, the bottom nail and into my finger. I actually responded pretty fast and kept it from bleeding much. This is the next day after I cleaned it up. Doesn't look too bad, considering. Anyway, that's my story and now I am typing without my pointer again.

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Kate said...

I fix this same problem on one of my fingernails. It's going to sound annoying, but it worked.

I injured my nail bed by slamming it in a car door when I was a teenager, and for years, I had one funky nail because I'd damaged the nail bed. The problem of the split stemmed from where it grew out of the cuticle.

I need to encourage the nail to lift "UP" off the damaged nail bed and grow in a straighter, smooth line.

I needed to use some kind of "lifting and bonding device" to encourage straight uninterrupted growth.

What finally fixed it took patience, but now it's a smooth, normal nail.

There is a particular kind of bandaid called "Blister finger bandaids." They have a soft, padded, pliable feel to them, and no cotton pad that would normally go on the wound. Instead, the entire surface is adhesive and they stick very well. They are shaped for blisters but work for fingers very well. I put one of these on the nail and nailbed, sealing them. I pressed down on the soft material to seal my entire nail and nailbed into the soft material, and then left it on, only changing it every few days.

The effect of the adhesive was to "lift and guide the growing nail" into position with a somewhat smoother appearance, and keep the nailbed protected, near the cuticle, and keep me from picking at it. The edges got dirty every few days and I'd peel it off and put on a new one, and each time I had to be careful, because that bondo-effect is really strong, it would lift up my now soft (due to being covered) nail very easily. This "lifting and softening effect" gave the ridges UNDER the nail bed a change to relax and heal.

After about 2 weeks of this, I could see a new, unsplit nail coming in. I kept it covered for several more weeks, in time for the new, unsplit nail to work its way down my fingertip and when it was finally grown out, I cut off the split top, and now I have a normal nail.

Ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Here are the bandaids I used -- and you need the finger type because they have the right shape. They are narrow and smaller than the regular blister bandaids, which means they don't interfere with knuckle action and fit on petite fingers.